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Equine Nutrition Fundamentals

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Equine Nutrition Fundamentals

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The fundamentals of nutrition explained in a thorough yet straightforward way which gives practical advice on how to feed correctly.
You will learn:
•    What a balanced diet is, and how to ensure the diet is balanced
•    How to choose forage
•    How to choose feeds and balancing supplements
•    The role of other supplements 


Clare MacLeod MSc RNutr is an independent Registered Equine Nutritionist with expertise in equine health and fitness, who provides consultancy to horse owners, managers, vets, and the horse feed industry. Clare provides professional unbiased advice and is passionate about helping horse owners with the nutrition, health and fitness of their horses or ponies, whether they are pets, leisure horses or elite competition horses".

Organised by: Manessa Faal of Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy


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