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Managing The Rider: Suitable for Owners, Trainers and Therapists

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Managing The Rider: Suitable for Owners, Trainers and Therapists

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The presentation is aimed at providing horse owners/riders with an understanding of their  influence on the horse.  

The presentation will provide the participants with an understanding of how their body should move on a horse during riding and what compensations can occur if the body is unable to move in the way it should. 


Aims and outcomes:

• An understand of human anatomy in relation to riding

• An understanding of what the human body does on a horse 

• An understanding of different postures and how they can affect riding 

• Look at a case study to compare what an instructor sees compared to a rider physiotherapist


Lectuer: Lisa Davis Pattinson

Lisa graduated as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2000 and began working in Liverpool , moving to Morayshire in Scotland in 2002 eventually working alongside orthopaedic consultants as an Extended Scope Practitioner. 

In 2018 Lisa began her training as an ACPAT Veterinary Physiotherapist. 

Lisa set up a private Physiotherapy practice and began working with Sports Scotland and Grampian Institute of sport working alongside strength and conditioning coaches providing sport specific physiotherapy to a variety of athletes including olympiansand paralympians. 

Lisa is currently working closely with horse riders, owners, coaches and other professionals to promote the importance of considering the influence of the rider on the horse and the way in which sport specific physiotherapy can be of benefit. 




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