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An Introduction To The 5 Element Acupressure Of Classical Chinese Medicine For Animals: Part one

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An Introduction To The 5 Element Acupressure Of Classical Chinese Medicine For Animals: Part one

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In this webinar Kate will offer you a gentle introduction into the complex theories of 5 Element Acupressure of Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) guiding you on how they can be applied not only to your animal patients but to you and your practice too.

Over 3000 years ago, CCM practitioners recognised that the body’s energy regularly cycles through five distinct natural phases, often called “the Five Elements” (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water). They saw how each phase or Element influenced the body’s organ functions, emotional stability and core body health.

These ancient veterinary practitioners noted that when a patient’s Five Elements were healthy and balanced, the animal glowed with vitality – when the Elements were weak or unbalanced, the animal developed behavioural issues and physical ailments. These early practitioners developed an entire system of assessment and treatment based on these Five Elements that is still very successfully used today.

In this webinar you will learn:

•What is the 5 Element theory of Classical Chinese Medicine (in relation to animals)

•What are the 5 Element Archetypes and how can you assess and determine the archetype of your animal patients. Each living being has a blend of all FIVE Types with varying strengths of each Element. Those different variations create a relative predominance of some qualities which determines the predominance of certain health and behavioural characteristics in that human or animal.

.•You will gain an insight into how understanding your patient’s 5E Type and their correspondences will give you a better comprehension of their unique tendencies related to:

  1. motivation (what drives behaviour) and how they learn,
  2. •natural strengths (both health and behavioural),
  3. natural weaknesses (again both health and behavioural),
  4. connection or relationship styles affecting social behaviour,
  5. seasonal vulnerabilities and much more.

In this webinar, Kate will off you a short introductory guide to some of the initial basic acupressure points directly associated with each Elemental Type and how and when they might be used.

There will then be a follow up webinar where she will guide you through some specific case studies (a minimum of one of each Elemental Type) so that you can gain an understanding of how the theory works and how you can integrate it into your animal practice. There is the possibility of a third session as a practical hands on session if there is enough interest.


Kate Lockwood began her career in the early 90’s as a Veterinary Nurse, graduating from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) she went on to work with large and small animals in a number of very well known clinics throughout the UK.

After several years as a Veterinary Nurse she retrained as an Osteopath at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) and then went onto take one of the first Masters qualifications in Osteopathic treatment of animals. She had a very successful clinic for over 10 years treating people, horses and dogs including members of the GB Dressage and Endurance teams. (Kate was fully registered with the FEI and was listed as a "British Home Team Osteopath”). She is also certified practitioner in 5 Element Acupressure for Horses and Small Animals and after graduating from Elemental Acupressure was taken on as one of their lecturers in anatomy and also to head up the management team developing the French side of the Elemental Acupressure business.

Kate has now been living and working in France and for the last 6 years and continues to build a very successful animal practice in the South West of the region.

Kate has had animals all her life and ridden since the age of 4, competing in Eventing and Dressage to a high level. She also trains with her current young dog in agility and hopes to compete with her one day.

Qualifications: Diploma in Veterinary Nursing, Bachelor of Osteopathic Medicine (B.Ost Med), Master of Animal Manipulation (Osteopathic Techniques) (Msc Animal Manipulation Osteo), Certification in 5 Element Acupressure for Horses and Small Animals.


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