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Nutritional Considerations For Injuries In Canine Athletes: Reducing Risk And Aiding Recovery

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Nutritional Considerations For Injuries In Canine Athletes: Reducing Risk And Aiding Recovery

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This webinar will present the use of diet as part of a multimodal prevention and treatment program for canine sports injuries. Specific nutritional considerations for reducing risk of injury by supporting a high level of performance as well as interventions that may contribute to recovery from injury will be presented.

Learn about hydration strategies, energy balance and macronutrient profiles, glycogen replenishment, oxidative damage and inflammation and the specific nutrients required for tissue repair.  Guidelines for analysis of food choices and functional supplements for canine athletes will be discussed.



Fiona Robertson BA, Cert. ACN,

Canine Nutrition Consultant, Food for Fen

Fiona specialises in working and sport dog nutrition but is also dedicated to helping pet owners optimize their companion's health and maximise positive outcomes for ill, injured and aging pets through therapeutic dietary intervention.

Fiona competes with her own dogs in sheepdog field trials and until recently also competed in dog agility; each activity imposes additional metabolic demands on the dog's body.  As part of a multimodal approach, nutrition can play an important role in maximising physical and cognitive performance in canine athletes participating in a variety of activities.

Fiona has had an interest in canine nutrition for many years, but formal education did not begin until 2018.  The inspiration for the name "Food for Fen" comes from Fiona's beloved dog Fen, a working border collie who beat her cancer prognosis by three full-quality years.  Nutritional intervention was an important part of Fen's therapy.

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